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Transfer of Credit

To Other Colleges:

Northwestern College’s programs are career-oriented and most students seek employment after graduation. Students who wish to continue their education should confer with the Office of Career Development and Alumni Relations and/or the Advising Center. Because each college determines which credits it will and will not accept no guarantee of transfer of credit is made by Northwestern College.

To Northwestern College from U.S. Colleges:

Northwestern College may, at its sole discretion, accept credit for classes taken at an accredited college or university if the grade earned is C or higher, the class is college-level and credit-bearing and equivalent to a course taught at Northwestern College in the student’s program. Unless permission is received in advance from the chief academic officer or designee, a student may not transfer credits after he/she begins classes at Northwestern College.

To Northwestern College from Foreign Colleges:

College credit earned in foreign countries may be considered for transfer after a student has successfully completed 12 credit hours or more at Northwestern College with at least a 2.0 GPA. If the transcript is not in English, it is the student’s obligation to have an official translation and evaluation performed by an education credential evaluator. This evaluation must be performed by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. For approved evaluation agencies, please contact the International Student Advisor in Bridgeview.