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Student Right to Know Act Disclosures

The College is in compliance with Title IV requirements regarding reporting graduation rates. Graduation rates are reported to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS) as well as other federally mandated information such as diversity and retention which are available to all students via the NC Student Hub and the NC college website. This information is reported by the Chicago and Naperville campuses here: http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/?q=northwestern+college&s=all&id=147749

Bridgeview statistics are combined with the Virtual campus here: http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/?q=northwestern+college&s=all&id=260992

Copyright Infringement Policy. Northwestern College has a policy against copyright infringement, including the illegal downloading and/or sharing of electronic media.


Transfer of Credit Policy. Our policy on accepting credit for previous training; and a notice about the transferability of Northwestern College credits to other colleges.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. It is important for students to understand the College’s academic policies. Northwestern College maintains academic standards and performance measures to ensure that our graduates are well prepared to succeed in the workplace.

How to Apply for Financial Aid. Of course, our Financial Assistance Representatives are ready to help you through the entire financial aid process. However, if you would rather “do it yourself”, or if you would just like to learn more about the application process, this link will give you detailed application information.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students Receiving Financial Aid. Northwestern College wants you to understand the requirements to receive financial aid, and your rights throughout the process.

Withdrawal and Refunds

Financial Aid Code of Ethics

Course Catalog

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

In adherence to the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act mandate, the College assures reasonable accommodations and accessibility in all facets of its learning environment in a timely and appropriate manner for students with documented disabilities. All prospective students are given information during the admissions process. The Office of Counseling and Disability Services presents at the new student Orientation, as well as provides all the information on the NC Student Hub. The College has recently installed power doors at the Bridgeview location.

Voter Registration

Northwestern College encourages our students to be active participants in the American political system as part of being responsible members of their community. http://www.elections.state.il.us/VotingInformation/VoteRegForms.aspx

This link will connect you to voter registration information from the Illinois State Board of Elections. Each year the College celebrates “Constitution Day” on or the week of September 17.

Gainful Employment

Final regulations regarding Gainful Employment were published in the Federal Register on October 29, 2010. Those regulations require that, effective July 1, 2011, institutions provide certain disclosures about each of their programs leading to gainful employment on their website. Occupations (by name), CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code with a  link to occupational profiles, Standard Occupational Classification System (SOC), the program costs, the on-time completion rate for students completing the program, and the median loan debt incurred by students who complete the program can all be found on the NC website by academic program. /career-programs