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Clinical Education

The clinical sites of the program are:


Advocate Health Center – Irving and Western
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Advocate Medical Group - Beverly Center
Advocate Medical group - Sykes
Advocate Trinity Hospital
Norwegian American Hospital


Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital


Advocate Health Center – Evergreen


Advocate Health Center – Oak Park


Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Advocate Medical Group – Nesset


Advocate Health Center – South Holland

The program reserves the right to add/omit/change clinical education centers to support educational activities.

The assignment of students to the clinical education centers is determined by the program based on the educational components and learning opportunities of each location. Students must be prepared to be assigned to any of the clinical education sites of the program.

The Student as a Guest/Visitor of the Clinical Education Center

Students are guests or visitors of the clinical education centers to which they are assigned. Students are responsible for:

  1. Following the policies, standards, and practices of their clinical sites and the clinical education guidelines established by the College and program.
  2. Obtaining medical care at their own expense for any injuries that may occur at their clinical sites.
  3. Their own transportation to and from their clinical education centers.
  4. Reporting to their clinical education centers on time and staying in their assigned areas.

The terms of the affiliation agreements include the right of the clinical education center to bar a student from the buildings and grounds of the clinical site given just cause. The College and program do not have the authority to overrule a clinical education center's decision to accept or refuse a student's participation at its location.

In a situation where a student is refused clinical participation at a clinical site, (i.e., a student is suspended and wishes to resume his clinical assignments, and no other placement for the student is possible at other affiliates), the student will be withdrawn from the program.