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Admissions Requirements for Nursing School

Admissions Criteria

The Northwestern College Violet L. Schumacher School of Nursing has specific admission requirements. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all of the requirements are met and all supporting documents are submitted. Only complete application files will be reviewed for admission.

Admissions Requirements

  1. Application to Northwestern College
  2. High school graduate diploma or GED certificate

Provisional Admission Requirements

  1. ACT test score of 21 in reading and 21 in math or SAT score of 510 in reading and 510 in math. For adult learners (age 25 and older) and international students COMPASS scores of 87 in reading and 73 in math may be substituted for the ACT/SAT. The COMPASS may be repeated once for provisional admission consideration.
  2. College transcripts with 2.5/4.0 in all college work; 2.0/4.0 in sciences.
  3. Within the last five years, college biology course with a lab and college chemistry course with a lab completed with a C or better grade.

Once the college determines that a student has satisfied Provisional Admission Requirements 1-3 above, a deposit of $200 is required in order to secure his/her name on the wait list for the next admissions cycle. Final admission to the program is dependent upon completion of Provisional Admission Requirements 4–10 below.

4. Letter of recommendation on company letterhead from an instructor, academic advisor, employer or community member who can comment on the applicant’s background and/or character.

5. Submission of a statement of purpose addressing personal and professional goals as related to becoming a professional registered nurse.

6. Current American Heart Association Provider level CPR certification.

7. Major medical insurance coverage.

8. Background check including sanctions check under the US Patriot Act.

9. 10 panel drug screen.

10. Immunization for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio; titer levels for rubella, rubeola, mumps, varicella and hepatitis B demonstrating immunity; 2-step TB test with chest X-ray for positive results.

Full admission to the nursing program is based on review of the above items submitted in a completed admission file.

Clinical Requirements

Students are not permitted to attend a patient care clinical without submitting evidence of the following prior to the first day of class each quarter:

  • American Heart Association (AHA) CPR certification with renewal as needed
  • Major medical insurance coverage
  • Background check (inclusive of CANTS)
  • Malpractice insurance, renewal yearly
  • 10 panel drug screen test
  • Up to date immunizations or titers for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, rubella, rubeola, mumps, varicella and hepatitis B
  • A 2-step TB test or chest x-ray with yearly updates
  • Flu shots with yearly updates

Transfer of Credit Policy

Northwestern College may, at its sole discretion, accept credit for classes taken at an accredited college or university if the grade earned is a C or higher, the class is college-level and credit-bearing, and is equivalent to a course taught at NC in the student's program. Unless permission is received in advance from the vice president of academic affairs or designee, a student may not transfer credits after he/she begins classes at Northwestern College (NC Catalog).

Nursing Residency Requirement

Institutional residency requirements must be met (degree seeking students must complete their last 50 quarter credit hours and 50 percent of their major hour requirements in residence at NC). Students must demonstrate proficiency, skills, and/or knowledge by satisfactorily completing an online cometency assessment.

How do I apply?

To get started, contact the Office of Admissions at the Bridgeview campus to make an appointment with an admissions representative at (708) 237-5000 or toll-free at (888) 534-1623. During your appointment you will be given program information that will include the admission steps, a tour of the nursing lab, and a chance to meet the nursing faculty and the dean of nursing.