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Accredited Online College Degree Programs

If you are looking for an online experience, you will be glad to know that Northwestern College offers a variety of programs to students interested in pursuing a degree from within the comfort of their own homes. Learning online provides the same valuable education as learning in the classroom, while offering you the convenience of setting your own schedule. From anywhere across the country, you now have the freedom to hold a job or care for your family while pursuing higher education at Northwestern College.


NC’s Online Programs

At Northwestern College, the following Associate in Applied Science degree programs are available fully online, with the exception of the Paralegal program, which is offered in an online hybrid format:

Business Administration

Business Administration

The online associate in Business Administration degree program provides you with a solid foundation on which to build your future career in business, whether you want to work in finance, human resource management, or even be an entrepreneur. With a degree in business, you’ll be prepared for a variety of positions including administrative services, office management, human resources, and more. Over time, your degree can help you advance from entry level line management positions through middle management and on to the executive suite. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and determination.

To learn more about the Business Administration degree program, click here.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The associate degree in Criminal Justice will teach you the skills and knowledge you need as you begin your career in public law enforcement or private security. The curriculum of Northwestern College's online program will give you background and training in criminal justice issues that can come into play on the job.

To learn more about the Criminal Justice degree program, click here.

Health Information Technology

Health Information technology

Historically, patients' medical histories were recorded and stored in paper files and folders, but now a new government initiative aims to completely replace the outdated paper-based system with new technology. Northwestern College's online associate degree in Health Information Technology (HIT) will give you the skills and knowledge you need to code, update, and organize electronic files and records as a health care information technician.

To learn more about the Health Information Technology degree program, click here.

Paralegal Online


Northwestern College offers one of the few Paralegal programs offering online courses that is approved by the American Bar Association. Because the majority of our instructors are practicing members of the legal system—and because we fuse our online environment with our more traditional campus offerings—we have been able to maintain a high educational standard that is recognized and approved by the ABA.

In fact, if you're looking for a Chicago-area paralegal program, Northwestern College is a top choice for adult learners. Our hybrid curriculum is designed around your busy schedule, but without ever sacrificing on the quality of your education.  

The program requires that four specific courses be taken at either the Chicago or Bridgeview campus, or alternatively and with prior approval, students may take those classes on campus at another college and transfer the credits to Northwestern College. The four courses (4 credit hours each) are: Introduction to Legal Research; Civil Litigation & Procedure II; Legal Research and Writing I and Legal Research and Writing II. The degree also requires students to complete a Paralegal Externship where they gain professional experience working under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Externships can be completed at a variety of locations in the Chicagoland area and elsewhere upon approval.

To learn more about the Paralegal Online degree program, click here.


Why Choose NC Online?
Northwestern College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Our online programs have been designed with a career-focused curriculum in mind. While offering the same set of courses as our campus programs, our online programs are flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule.

At your convenience, you can attend online lectures, access online resources, and also have personal one-on-one chats with your instructor.  NC’s online courses provide a two-way communication between teachers and students. So, although you may be attending a program from within your home, you still get to actively interact with your peers and instructors, giving you a chance to network within our virtual classroom. We also conduct online tests and evaluations regularly, so that students can receive helpful feedback on their progress.

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If you would like to request more information about any of our online degree programs in Chicago, IL, contact us today! Our educational advisors will answer all of your questions and help you pick a program that meets your needs.