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Financial Aid and Financial Assistance Information



At Northwestern College, we understand applying for financial aid can seem a little confusing and overwhelming, especially if this is the first time you've ever filled out a FAFSA form. We want to make applying for financial aid as easy as possible. That's why our Financial Assistance Representatives will meet with you to help you understand financial aid and help you navigate through the application process. However, if you would rather "do it yourself", we also provide help through our How to Apply for Financial Aid page.

Northwestern College participates in several different types of financial aid programs to enable our Financial Assistant Department to offer you the best possible combination of aid awards. We participate in both the Federal Student Aid Programs and Illinois State MAP Program, along with other miscellaneous financial aid programs from various sources (including Veterans Programs).

Of course, financial aid is a great benefit to students, but it is important to understand your Rights and Responsibilities when Receiving Financial Aid and the Counseling Requirements for Student Loan Borrowers (if you choose to borrow through the Federal Direct Loan Program).

We also offer a new College Cost and Financial Aid Estimator to help students and families plan in advance for educational costs.

Remember, you can always contact the Financial Assistant Department at any time and speak with one of our Financial Assistance Representatives if you have any questions regarding the financial aid process. We look forward to helping you!