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Anti-Drug Abuse Policy at Northwestern College

Northwestern College operates under the United States Department of Education’s drug prevention program and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Consistent with its mission as an institution of higher education, NC is committed to educating students, faculty, and staff on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, and to maintaining an environment in which such abuse is prohibited. All students should be aware that substance abuse causes serious health risks: altered mood, altered behavior, sleep disorders, distorted sense, addition, communication of infectious diseases, altered breathing and heart rate, unconsciousness leading to coma, and permanent damage to the liver, heart, and central nervous system leading to death.

Standards of Conduct

While on campus or at any College-sponsored event, faculty, staff, and students may not possess, use, deliver, sell, or distribute any illegal controlled substance. Further, faculty, staff, and students may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages on College property or at College-sponsored events, nor be present on College property or at College-sponsored events while under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

Those who violate this policy will be subject to College disciplinary action as well as the sanctions imposed by local, state, and federal laws. Students should be aware that substance abuse carries legal consequences which may include imprisonment, fines, and/or loss of property.


Northwestern College will encourage and assist employees with chemical dependencies to seek self-help or professional treatment.

Resources/Web Links:

Illinois Controlled Substances Statute

Links to Information about Drug and Alcohol addiction, abuse, and recovery:

National Institutes of Health – Facts About Addiction

National Institutes of Health – The Drugs of Addiction

Illinois Department of Public Health