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Legal Studies Program

If you are intrigued by the law and would like to explore a career in the legal system, then Chicago based Northwestern College School of Legal Studies might be the right place for you. As a legal career school, we provide an environment where students not only learn about the different aspects of law, but are also able to understand how it applies in real life. Throughout the program, students get a chance to engage in stimulating discussions of legal problems with experienced instructors in order to gain the practical knowledge required in today’s job market.

Legal Career Programs in Paralegal & Criminal Justice

Before pursuing your legal education, you will have to decide whether you want to play an active role in law enforcement and crime scene investigation or if your interest in the law is more academic in nature. Allowing you to meet either of these goals, Northwestern College offers the following two disciplines within our Legal Studies department:

Criminal Justice Degree

If you have a passion for solving mysteries and would like to utilize your talents to make our world a safer and better place to live, then you should consider enrolling in our Criminal Justice program. As the government continues to strive to provide a safer community there is an increasing demand for law enforcement personnel, which in turn, creates opportunities for employment. Note: For a career as a police officer or sheriff’s deputy, additional certification and training may be required at a police academy. learn more

Paralegal Degree (C)

Working under the supervision of a lawyer, paralegals provide legal support. They help to prepare legal documents, conduct research, and compile facts in order to support an attorney’s case. Offered at both the certificate and associate degree level, the paralegal program at Northwestern College has been designed to keep in mind the demands of the industry. You will learn how the legal system functions as you come into contact with various laws and procedures governing the country. learn more

Why Choose Us?
Northwestern College in Bridgeview prides itself in providing the best education to our students. Your success is important to us. Our program is designed to provide a direct path to your new career, and our curriculum is kept up-to-date to match the changing requirements of the industry. 

  • Northwestern College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, www.ncahlc.org.
  • The Paralegal program at Northwestern College is approved by the American Bar Association.

In order to understand the laws that protect our citizens, it is important that students learn from knowledgeable instructors. We understand the importance of a good teacher, so we make sure that our faculty has not only strong academic credentials, but also real-world experience. Each student gets personalized attention in order to make the learning process as effective as possible.

Talk to Us
Would you like to receive more information about our legal career programs in Chicago, IL or our Bridgeview campus?  Making a choice may seem difficult. Let us help! Contact us today and our educational advisors will get back to you as soon as possible. Or better yet, schedule a visit to one of our campuses and speak to us in person.