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School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences prepares students to be competent health care professionals dedicated to providing high quality care to patients, families, and communities.

School of Legal Studies

The School of Legal Studies prepares students for roles in the legal profession through progressive and quality educational programs which assist in developing skills necessary to benefit the legal community.

School of Commerce & Technology

The School of Commerce and Technology provides students with a quality education that enhances their knowledge of business and technology by strengthening their critical thinking skills, developing an understanding of communication processes, and applying these skills to prepare for a career and lifelong learning that satisfies their personal, professional, and community needs.

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing provides student-focused educational experiences that promote excellence in nursing and prepares graduates for professional practice. The School of Nursing challenges students and provides a quality educational program for the purpose of becoming leaders of their learning. Student learning will be heightened by collaboratively working with experienced nursing faculty and educators within the classroom, clinical sites, and our laboratory.

Northwestern College offers online degree programs that combine the benefits of our practical, regionally-accredited coursework with the flexibility to pursue your studies wherever is most convenient for you. Our online programs are focused on helping you advance your career, or study for a new one, while continuing to work, support your family, and live your life. Learn more about our online programs.

The following degree programs are available fully-online, or as an online hybrid:

What Sets Us Apart?

A Place to Prepare for the Future. Founded in 1902 to provide men and women with specialized training necessary for a successful career in business and to support Chicago's rapidly growing business community, NC continues to pursue the basic principles of its founder: to meet the needs of students who are career-oriented. Most people view college as the way to get a job; we view college as a way to get a specific education for a very specific job. At Northwestern College you get an education and a sense of discipline that is like no other and will allow you to jump right into the workforce doing what you love. Whether you want to pursue a career as a nurse, paralegal, medical assistant, Chicago police officer, or one of several other in-demand fields, we can provide you the knowledge and hands on learning you need to get there. Learn more about us and our progams today!


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"The instructors at Northwestern College are amazing. Whenever I need help, they are always there for me. It's something I never had elsewhere in my education." -Javier Garcia
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